Lemon Zest… Therapeutic and Culinary Uses

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Lemon’s have long been touted for their abundance nutrients and a cost-effective way to aid detoxification.

Did you know about the incredible benefits of lemon rind (peel)?

Lemon rind has up to 10 times the bioactive compounds of it’s juice. According to PubMed studies, lemon peel may not only have a protective effect in the prevention of estrogen-responsive breast cancer(1), but as as a therapeutic agent in the treatment of prostate cancer(2). Lemon peel is also effective in lowering blood pressure(3), plasma and liver cholesterol(4), and in the treatment of healing chronic wounds in those afflicted with diabetes(5).

Traditionally, lemon peel oil has been used to discourage intestinal parasites, while the vitamin C-rich juice and rind help to increase bone mineral density.

Here are some novel uses to lemon and lemon peel that I have used.  Please make sure that you source your lemons from an organic grower.  Especially if you are using the peel!

  • Rub a lemon wedge on your nails at night to whiten and strengthen
  • Use on your skin as a tonic and follow with a lukewarm water rinse
  • Polish your chrome or stainless steel sink
  • Put a lemon peel inside your fridge to absorb odors and bring in a fresh scent
  • Work it around windows as a natural ant repellent
  • Zest some peel into salads or just about any dish
  • Try zesting into healthier treats like pancakes or muffins

What surprising uses do you have for lemon peel??  Be sure to post them HERE!!

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