Nutrition Goes Beyond Nutrients

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You’ve read about how food can affect mood. How eating refined carbohydrates and processed junk, excess caffeine and alcohol can be total body drainer.

What about how your mood affects the digestion of your food?

There hasn’t been too much information on how your stress (or your perception of stress) or negative inner dialog affect your digestion.

During any kind of stress, real OR imagined, your body reacts and goes into “fight or flight”.  The nervous system adaptation, protects you against threat or disaster and anything you need to get the heck away from.

During this response, your blood pressure and heart rate increase, and blood flow is shunted AWAY from digestion. How could it not?  Can you imagine having a bowel movement while running to catch the late train or plane?  That would NOT be good!

Instead, blood flow is directed towards the extremities so you can get out of the situation at hand.

This response is natural.  But, what about the times of your life where it seems like it’s raining stress?

Great question!

We all have experienced the after affect of a meal inhaled, or eaten in stressed out state. The food just sits there in your gut for hours or passes through the small intestines only partially assimilated.  A bolus of cement, with indigestion, gassiness, constipation, diarrhea, or cramping to follow.

No matter how healthy your diet, your mood or state, drastically depreciates the nutritional value of a meal.

It’s like, if you can’t digest your experience, how can you digest your food?

I can’t tell you how many times my clients with impaired digestion tell me that when they travel and eat out they rarely have problems.

When you think of your most favorite meal that you ever had, what do you remember?  Only the food?  Probably not. You would likely tell me about the ambiance, colors, the company, the celebration, or the conversation.

Something for you to remember when you think of nutritional value.  Nutrition goes beyond the food!



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