Ridding Your Rut Part 2 – Roasting Vegetables the Easy Way

Oven Baked Vegetable Fries

-+*Here’s a novel idea for changing up how you prep your veggies for the week… I’ve been doing something like this these last 3 weeks.  Maybe it will work as well for you!  Feel so free so switch ’em up as I do.  I never have the same thing over again and you don’t have to … (read more…)

Banning the FOOD RUT!


-+*  This is the first out of 5 posts geared towards busting a “food rut”. Might you find yourself here? Recording your food in a document, journal, app or other method can really be a great way to learn what is and isn’t working for your body. It additionally helps by keeping you accountable while working through … (read more…)

Should You Test Your Nutrient Status?


-+*Today I’d like to talk about one important FAQ…. I often get asked whether if you eat well, work out and take a good multivitamin, do you really need to work on your health beyond that?? Well, the short answer is yes, probably… Even people that take great care of themselves, have some health blocks that include micronutrient deficiencies. … (read more…)

Cooking Class Review – Holistic Chef Series!

Screenshot 2015-07-10 20.26.11

-+*    This just in from…. Brianna Ayala, wife and loving mother of three, advocate of natural healthy living and lover of the great outdoors. My mom and I joined one of Cats Cooking Workshops on 6.29.15. We had such a wonderful time! There was good music, great people and AMAZING food. Every recipe that was … (read more…)

Re-Boot Your Culinary Confidence – New Class July 27th!


-+** Last day to sign up is Thursday, July 23rd, 2015!  Take advantage of early bird pricing. Read below! IN THIS 3 HOUR CRASH COURSE YOU’LL LEARN: 5 Efficient slicing and dicing techniques. MORE THAN 5 Mouth-watering sauces (from all around the globe) to set you up for summer. 5 New and enticing ways with herbs … (read more…)

3 Free and Simple Tips for Better Digestion


-+*Are you rushing through meals to do the next thing on your list and then have digestive issues? Or maybe you know there is something you’re eating causing some discomfort on a daily basis and can’t figure it out. There are literally hundreds of reasons why people complain of digestive issues. I am going to … (read more…)



-+*This is a very popular subject matter, indeed!  The Holistic Chef Series – Your SIMPLE 5 STEP SOLUTION to Crafting Delicious Make-Ahead Meals that Save Time and Your Waistline, is now sold-out.  This is really great feedback in that it took only a few days to do so.  I WILL schedule another in August/September. In … (read more…)

Cooking Workshop Date Set. Here’s the Deal!

Photo curteousy of Lock Stock and Barrel Newbury review, UK food blog

-+*IN THIS 3 HOUR HOLISTIC COOKING WORKSHOP YOU’LL LEARN: -How to think like a chef. There really IS a method to creating those “nightly specials”! -Fresh and exciting ways to dress up mundane entrées and vegetable sides, and what to do when you are caught with nothing in the fridge. -Brilliant ideas for getting more “super-foods” in your repertoire, … (read more…)

Feeling a Little Un-Inspired to Cook? How About a Cooking Class?

Holistic Chef Series

-+*Feeling uninspired to plan, cook and eat healthy?  I asked my tribe and here’s what they said.  Can you relate to any of these comments? -I keep getting stuck in ruts- I have been alternating tofu and greens over rice with black beans and rice for a month now. I have never planned my meals a … (read more…)

Finally A Gorgeous AND Sweet Radish That Will Knock Your Socks Off Right Into Summer….


-+*I am so excited for the coming weeks when we will start to see my favorite watermelon radishes!  It is a member of the Brassica (mustard) family along with arugula, broccoli and turnips. Radish, like other cruciferous and Brassica family vegetables, contains isothiocyanate, an anti-oxidant compound called sulforaphane. Studies suggest that sulforaphane has proven role against … (read more…)

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