5 Practical Ways to Balance Your Gut Health

5 Practical

-+*It has been said that, “You are what you eat”.  A recent idea came my way though, that we actually are not.  To be more specific, what we really should be saying is, “You are what you eat, digest, absorb and don’t excrete“.  If our ability to process and package our nutrients for absorption is … (read more…)

Feeling a Little Un-Inspired to Cook? How About a Cooking Class?

Holistic Chef Series

-+*Feeling uninspired to plan, cook and eat healthy?  I asked my tribe and here’s what they said.  Can you relate to any of these comments? -I keep getting stuck in ruts- I have been alternating tofu and greens over rice with black beans and rice for a month now. I have never planned my meals a … (read more…)

Think Cooking at Home is Better For You?


-+*Just a quickie today, I’m afraid!  I had to share the most ludicrous study with you.  Yes, it’s another. A recent study from researchers at Rush University in Chicago finds that the more time middle-aged women spent cooking at home, the more likely they were to suffer from metabolic syndrome, putting them at risk for heart … (read more…)

Treating Ourselves, Our Kids & Our Pets Right


-+*Hello my scary friends… Happy Halloween! I am afraid I’m not giving any treats at my home this year (or any year).  Yes, I am a “party-pooper”.  If I gave sliced fruit and veggies, like I really wanted, I might be cleaning eggs and toilet paper off the door.  So, I’m choosing to cuddle with my … (read more…)

Prevent energy Dips and Cravings!

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-+* Manage your Stress This is CRUCIAL! Your cortisol (stress hormone) levels play a direct role in everything.: Your hormones, your digestion, your immune/detoxification systems and yes of course, your weight. When your hormones aren’t balanced, your fat storage systems are on high alert. When you aren’t absorbing nutrients properly, your body may crave food to … (read more…)

Healthy Tapas – Spinach and Mushroom Frittata

Frittata image

-+*Mushroom & Spinach Frittata With Smoked Gouda — powered by ehow The Question About Eggs and Cholesterol Many of my clients worry about their cholesterol and ask me if they should eat eggs or not.  I say, “Enjoy your eggs…  Yolks included”! According to Uffe Ravnskov, a leading researcher and cholesterol expert, the direct effect … (read more…)

Lamb’s Quarters… My New Green BFF!

Lamb's Quarters

-+*Many people see Lamb’s Quarters as nothing more than a common weed, never realizing that a tasty and nutritious green vegetable could be enjoyed, free for the picking.  The European relative of spinach and beets, it grows throughout the North America and bears large quantities of edible, spinach-flavored leaves you can collect from mid-spring to … (read more…)

Sit for a Living?

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-+*The latest meta-analysis confirms that the more you sit, the more at risk you are for diabetes.  Sitting seems to have an immediate effect on how your body metabolizes glucose. When you sit, your muscles are not used, and quickly become more insulin resistant.  Studies have shown that people who sit after eating have 24% … (read more…)

Amazing Video Documentary on Hawaii’s Open Field Testing of GMO’s

-+*Recently a colleague sent me this interesting video documentary he directed about Hawaii being the global center for open-field testing of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s). Please spread this education around to your friends and family members.  We all need to stand up for change until the entire world knows the truth surrounding agricultural practices by … (read more…)

The Gut: Foundation for Good Immune Function

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-+*The most expansive location of our immune system cells are actually made in the gut’s mucosal lining.  Would you believe 70%!  The mucosal lining has a kind of selective permeability. Pores in the gut wall allow nutrients to pass through and when they are broken down sufficiently get absorbed into the bloodstream.  Other undesirable things … (read more…)

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