5 Practical Ways to Balance Your Gut Health

5 Practical

-+*It has been said that, “You are what you eat”.  A recent idea came my way though, that we actually are not.  To be more specific, what we really should be saying is, “You are what you eat, digest, absorb and don’t excrete“.  If our ability to process and package our nutrients for absorption is … (read more…)

Natural Label Anti-perspirants and Deodorants – What’s the Harm?

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-+*Pit Concern? There was lots of health media talk last week on the safety of anti-perspirants and deodorants and there affect on health. I want to address some concerns that I have about them. First of all….  It is an absolute no brainer for you and your family to avoid all conventional aluminum-based antiperspirants and … (read more…)

Would You Like To Communicate Better??

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-+*Would you like to understand yourself better?  Would you like to understand others better in order to communicate more effectively? According to The Mayo Clinic, Being assertive is a core communication skill. Being assertive means that you express yourself effectively and stand up for your point of view, while also respecting the rights and beliefs … (read more…)

Amazing Video Documentary on Hawaii’s Open Field Testing of GMO’s

-+*Recently a colleague sent me this interesting video documentary he directed about Hawaii being the global center for open-field testing of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s). Please spread this education around to your friends and family members.  We all need to stand up for change until the entire world knows the truth surrounding agricultural practices by … (read more…)

The Surprising Connection Between Buddhism and Modern Psychotherapy


-+*I had the opportunity to hear neuroscientist, Dr. Steve Prime speak at the Vancouver Buddhist Temple about Buddhism and Neuropsychology.  His current research is aimed at better understanding the cognitive and cortical processes that underly perception and sensory-motor coordination.  Dr. Prime talked about the interesting connection between modern psychotherapy and Buddhism and the research examining … (read more…)

The Gut: Foundation for Good Immune Function

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-+*The most expansive location of our immune system cells are actually made in the gut’s mucosal lining.  Would you believe 70%!  The mucosal lining has a kind of selective permeability. Pores in the gut wall allow nutrients to pass through and when they are broken down sufficiently get absorbed into the bloodstream.  Other undesirable things … (read more…)

Ornie the Pig and His Cookie Cravings

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-+*Is this you?  How often do you fight the same cravings day in and day out? Many times these addictive foods in our lives are related to food sensitivities.  I know, sounds sad doesn’t it?  It goes like this….  The food sensitivity sufferer craves foods which when eaten, temporarily create a feeling of well-being and … (read more…)

Diet Success – Consider Metabolic Typing


-+*I‘m back!  Sorry for the delay in posting. I have been totally geek-ing out with two new additional services offered by Caterpillar Fitness. Before I tell you what they are, let me ask you this…. Are you confused as to what foods are actually good for you? You keep hearing conflicting remarks on what you … (read more…)

When “Natural” Foods Harm

-+*“Organic” vs “natural”.  Think you know the difference? According to research polls, many consider,”natural foods”, to be free of pesticides and genetically modified ingredients (GMO’s).  Nothing’s further from the truth…. Conventional and so called, natural foods contain dangerous organophosphate pesticide residues and are common in conventional wheat, corn, soy and oats.  For more info on … (read more…)

The Truth About GMO’s


-+*    What would you do?  If there was a new supplement that could make you look only a little better, possibly live a little longer but could have potential health risks such as disrupting liver and kidney function, damage immune function, shrink your brain, and cause birth defects. Would you take it? Take note. … (read more…)

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