5 Practical Ways to Balance Your Gut Health

5 Practical

-+*It has been said that, “You are what you eat”.  A recent idea came my way though, that we actually are not.  To be more specific, what we really should be saying is, “You are what you eat, digest, absorb and don’t excrete“.  If our ability to process and package our nutrients for absorption is … (read more…)

What? My Mental Function Stems From My Gut??


-+*Ever feel like crap after you eat something? You eat a meal at a restaurant you get back to the office and you JUST cannot concentrate? Your gut health can profoundly affect your brain health. Studies are linking gut problems with mood disorders, depression and even Parkinson’s. The gut microbiota (bacterial organisms we carry in … (read more…)

The Happy Dance Between Gut and Hormones and $50 off testing!

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-+*  Your Gut and Hormones?? Now is the best time of the year to help food sensitivity sufferers eliminate food sensitivity symptoms and take control of their health. That is why Signet/Oxford Lab has offered practitioners $50.00 off the price of the MRT LEAP 150 Food Sensitivity Panel until September 28th, 2013. I am passing … (read more…)

Is Your Food Making You SIck??

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-+*This week, I’m patiently awaiting results from my MRT Food Sensitivity Test!  I grew up an incredibly allergic child and managed to pull my health together very well with a super clean diet minus the foods that give me problems.  In the summertime, I must say, my addiction to juicy plump tomatoes and delicious peppers, … (read more…)

The Gut: Foundation for Good Immune Function

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-+*The most expansive location of our immune system cells are actually made in the gut’s mucosal lining.  Would you believe 70%!  The mucosal lining has a kind of selective permeability. Pores in the gut wall allow nutrients to pass through and when they are broken down sufficiently get absorbed into the bloodstream.  Other undesirable things … (read more…)

Ornie the Pig and His Cookie Cravings

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-+*Is this you?  How often do you fight the same cravings day in and day out? Many times these addictive foods in our lives are related to food sensitivities.  I know, sounds sad doesn’t it?  It goes like this….  The food sensitivity sufferer craves foods which when eaten, temporarily create a feeling of well-being and … (read more…)

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