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Metabolic Typing Programs

Unlike standardized nutrition, metabolic typing addresses underlying biochemical imbalances on a case-by-case basis with a high degree of accuracy. Metabolic Typing® is a groundbreaking technology that takes the guesswork out of nutrition. It’s a system that you or anyone can use to rapidly cut through the abundance of confusing information and identify your own unique nutritional requirements.

  • Metabolic Typing ® Report
  • Extensive and highly specific metabolic type recommendations
  • Evaluation of significant Blocking Factors
  • Guidelines and recommendations for shopping and food preparation
  • Critical information and education regarding customizing macronutrient ratios to meals and snacks using Diet Check Records and Diet Symptom Journals
  • Sample menus for your type
  • Specific metabolic type supplements

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Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Standard medical care benefits us with life-saving techniques and disease treatment, but does little to actually build health. Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) identifies healing opportunities and supports the body’s innate healing ability. A return to health is possible when we replace missing “ingredients” of health and remove elements that work against health. We use labs to identify those healing opportunities and guide our recommendations for therapy; the repair, restoration and rebuilding of health.

  • D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success™ Program which includes diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction and supplements.
  • Detoxification protocol
  • Supplement recommendations
  • E-mail support
  • Interpretation of lab results and personal health history

Programs may include some or all the following assessments:

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Private In-House Cooking Classes/Healthy Cooking Parties/Team Building Events

Take charge for your health, increase your culinary know-how and expand your recipe repertoire! Class emphasis is on utilizing local ingredients and resources to create the ultimate in deliciousness and nutrition.

  • Culinary 101/Knife Skills
  • Meal Planning-Principles of Balance
  • Cooking with Herbs
  • Local and Seasonal
  • Soups and Stews/Salads
  • Meat-Fowl-Fish
  • Sensual Sea Vegetables
  • Gluten-Wheat-Lactose-Casein Free
  • Low GI/Diabetic Friendly

Customized Seminars/Workshops includes food to eat plus notes, recipes and fun.

New! Metabolic Type Cooking! Coming Soon!

Urban Supermarket Tours

Shopping a mystery?  Tips for selecting  wholesome and natural foods that taste superb as well as menu-planning.  Learn how to decipher confusing nutrient information labels.

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Fitness Training

Functional Fitness Training for Solos/Partners/Trios

  • Customized exercise programs targeting strength, flexibility and endurance.
  • Nutrition coaching (optional)

60 minute sessions provide an individual program specific to your needs.

Maximize your time and your rate of progression, learn proper exercise technique and get motivated! I’ll create a program specific to your needs and goals and help you stay focused and on track.

Group Fitness – Barre Blend

A dynamic whole body sculpting workout like no other! Barre Blend draws inspiration from dance, Pilates, yoga, and strength training to create an ultra challenging yet safe workout for everyone (including men!). Using the ballet barre, isometric movements, and a variety of props, Barre Blend will help improve postural alignment, strengthen the core and tone the body from head to toe! Barre Blend is an excellent accompaniment to any fitness program. Leave each session with a more graceful, tighter feeling physique. All levels.

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