Eat Love

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*+-Are you in lifestyle overhaul? Stuck in a rut with too many social events and unpreparedness? Change is hard.  I am not going to be sweet about it.  But there are many things to ask ourselves when we are confronted with the little annoyances that come up.  Quality food is part of the pie, but … (read more…)

7 Hunger Types – Exercises for Hunger Awareness


*+-How can we change our habits and free ourselves from our habitual patterns with food whatever they may be? We can start by working on being more aware of what urges us to eat.  Practice asking yourself what kind of hunger you are experiencing next time you eat a meal or a snack. Below I … (read more…)

Tuning in to Our Innate Skills

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*+-We are born intuitive, with an inner skill that tells us what our body’s nutritional needs are.  Studies have shown that when babies are given a variety of foods in a setting, they customarily eat one food and ignore all the rest. Parents usually think their baby will suffer from malnutrition, but if researchers are … (read more…)

Would You Like to Have a Better Relationship With Food?


*+-I’ve been immersed in my books about the things I love this month:  Food and Nutrition, Anatomy and Pilates,…. Yesterday I completed a wonderful book by a physican and meditation instructor, Jan Chozen Bays, MD, called, “Mindful Eating“.  The book had reading appeal to me, as I have grown more and more accustomed to the … (read more…)

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